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The End


Where have I been? I have not been here. I will not close down this blog, simply for my own reference, but it has/will stop. Between work and family my time for photography is slim to none. And I’m getting worse, not better. I’m slipping. Like anything else photography requires regular practice and that simply […]



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Captured on my morning run. When I go out for exercise, being who I am and having to consolidate free time activities, I take a camera along. This morning I made the mistake of going a little further and taking a trail in Tilden Park. Put trail + Tilden Park together and, well, time has […]

My son is an inveterate collector. My wife, I think, forced him to decide what to keep from the stash on the front porch, and this was it, laid out just so. The rest goes. My daughter seems more inclined to let go of things. That is, unless her brother has it. Today, he asked […]