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Every now and then I try to break out of my own shell and do something different. This ambition applies to many aspects of my life – food, wines, cars, clothes. More often than not I default back to what I know and what I love. But at least I tried, and often something new […]

Sometimes, I wonder if chunks of concrete dream of being rocks. Forced into strict shapes, and then at some point broken free. The other day I read a post about being original. Show the world something they’ve never seen before. The point was, if you are standing next to a dozen other photographers, you’re probably […]

Please pardon this long post, but I’ve had a burst of photography thinking. Over the past few weeks and months I’ve been mentally paring down my life to the things that are most important. Mine involves a triptych of sorts – family and friends, work and photography. Family and friends involves many things, such as […]



Lately, I’ve been toying with an idea for a photographic project. There are two reasons for this – one is resistance and the other is personal. First, the easy part – resistance. It seems that with the advent of the photography forum sharpness and camera specification have become the goal. Can your camera take perfect […]



Here it is, 5:22 AM. This time of year the early daylight and seriously loud bird chirping makes early morning sleep difficult. And after a few days of oddly unseasonal rain the clouds have dissipated and the warm weather has returned. That means it gets hot inside the house, and so our old, thickly-furred dog […]

I don’t know where to go with photography. I don’t know what I want to do. But I want to do┬ásomething. And I don’t think I’m alone. There have been one or two or three blog posts that have sparked conversation about the future of photography. The author of the posts basically argues that most […]

This past winter we did not have our normal winter rains and cold. Instead, warm and dry. But then spring approached and the rains finally came. And they came and came and they are still here with us, deeply drenching everything. Tonight, even thunder, a rarity around here. It may be a combination of the […]