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Every now and then I try to break out of my own shell and do something different. This ambition applies to many aspects of my life – food, wines, cars, clothes. More often than not I default back to what I know and what I love. But at least I tried, and often something new […]

There is an embarrassment of riches in raptors these days. The other night it rained (slightly) and the next morning I decided to neglect my responsibilities for a short bit and take a walk in Tilden Park to photograph what I saw. I was picturing in one of the meadows I frequent and out of the corner […]

Hello World, It has been a dreadfully long time since I’ve posted anything on this blog. I won’t bore you with the details of why, or what’s been going on, but I plan to make an effort to add a few posts soon, to exercise my words and as a way to organize a few […]



On Photobooks


I recently went through and pruned my photobook collection (including art books, including a small collection of books on Tibetan Buddhist art from a previous period in my life). It’s not really a photobook collection per say, but I do have a few! I’m keeping most, there are some that I’m setting aside for a […]

Just Words


This is Photokina season, a bi-annual event based in Germany that is centered on photography gear. Virtually every camera and lens maker has announced new products, that is, except for Ricoh,  the brand which I like the best. As you may have noticed most of my pictures are taken with the Ricoh GRD (now the […]

I Lied


Confronted with defeat I took my camera and tripod out today. I will not back down. I will mange it all.