The End


Where have I been? I have not been here. I will not close down this blog, simply for my own reference, but it has/will stop. Between work and family my time for photography is slim to none. And I’m getting worse, not better. I’m slipping. Like anything else photography requires regular practice and that simply is not happening. Without a creative outlet where will I go? What will I do? In the end it really does not matter. My time will go to my family – always important, both up and down the chain – and work. I cannot expose yet what’s going on at work, but it is always in the right direction. For that I thank my parents. They, for some odd reason which I cannot fathom, had enough faith in me to allow me to find my own way in life – very different from theirs – and they supported what it took to get there. That lesson was a big one. Not so much in that I must make the most of it, but that I must pass it on. Allow people to find who they are (we are all unique!), be themselves, and support that. If only everyone can and would do that.

I will continue to take pictures – I cannot help it – and I will try to tell better stories with them. I will continue to show you what I see. Please refer to my Flickr for future reference. And just maybe, just maybe, here every now and then – one never knows. And when the kids are older and I may just find that they no longer need me, at least for a while, I may get more serious again.

In the meantime, what is most important. Cheers!

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