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On Photobooks


I recently went through and pruned my photobook collection (including art books, including a small collection of books on Tibetan Buddhist art from a previous period in my life). It’s not really a photobook collection per say, but I do have a few! I’m keeping most, there are some that I’m setting aside for a […]

I don’t know where to go with photography. I don’t know what I want to do. But I want to do┬ásomething. And I don’t think I’m alone. There have been one or two or three blog posts that have sparked conversation about the future of photography. The author of the posts basically argues that most […]





Like I said, it’s been raining.

A few days ago I read a blog post about being a producer, not a consumer. The core idea was to produce something the first thing after you wake up instead of passively consuming information, such as email, the news or reading your blogs. This morning I was up early anyway, so I brewed some […]