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Hello World, It has been a dreadfully long time since I’ve posted anything on this blog. I won’t bore you with the details of why, or what’s been going on, but I plan to make an effort to add a few posts soon, to exercise my words and as a way to organize a few […]

Just Words


This is Photokina season, a bi-annual event based in Germany that is centered on photography gear. Virtually every camera and lens maker has announced new products, that is, except for Ricoh,  the brand which I like the best. As you may have noticed most of my pictures are taken with the Ricoh GRD (now the […]

A few days ago I read a blog post about being a producer, not a consumer. The core idea was to produce something the first thing after you wake up instead of passively consuming information, such as email, the news or reading your blogs. This morning I was up early anyway, so I brewed some […]



On Monday I took my first photowalk in a long time. Boots on and bundled up I took my camera and tripod and headed out for the Jewel Lake Loop. This trip was both for photography and simply to be outdoors in the woods. Over the past 10 days a nasty cold came to visit […]

What Rain


We are on track for the second lowest rainfall in December on record in California, attributed to a mild La Nina. The prediction is for normal rainfall starting around mid-January. If true, with the amount of rain we had last year, a light year this year will not put us back into drought. Everyday the […]



A final set of pictures from the Jewel Lake Loop before we finally head into summer. By this point the rain should be behind us, at least I hope so, though I know that in a few short months we will again patiently wait for its seasonal arrival. I realize that these Jewel Lake Loop […]



This past weekend I finally had a chance to take my first slow photo walk and first Tilden Park walk in a long time. I spent two hours walking the Jewel Lake Loop, keeping my eyes and ears open. Because of the intense (and ongoing) rain this year everything was thick and lush, ripe with […]