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For a long time it has been a struggle for me to find my own way to a personal style of color photography. It should be pretty straightforward, right? But it’s not. It is the straightforward part that I find troubling. It seems easy to create a B&W picture with the kind of character that […]

Over the past few weeks I have been studying the work of Lewis Baltz. It’s conceptual, and I’m still increasing my understanding of his intentions and goals, but I’m drawn to the way he frames and exposes his images. At first, I thought Baltz was overexposing his pictures, but as I continue to study them […]

What’s currently in rotation… The Art of Photography – Bruce Barnbaum – my current photography “textbook,” just started, but once again reminded that you have to have enthusiasm for your subject matter, and also that photography is, for some, an activity that makes the world, the cold, the hunger all disappear and we are completely […]

Open Seasons


Long dry spell. Illness and recovery. Dog surgery and recovery. Work, lots of work. Busy life. Who has time for free time? For the past few months I have been very disconnected from photography. Mostly for lack of time, but also for lack of success in capturing anything worthwhile or even finding anything interesting to […]

As a budding photographer, Harry Callahan sent himself on several photography sabbaticals for extended practice. Over time he was able to go from someone who worked and did photography on the side to someone who did photography and, well, I suppose worked on the side. Interesting idea…

I have decided to work on my photography self education. Displayed here is a stack of recently arrived, well used photobooks. These are not recent modern works, they are classics, pictures from photographers who have stood the test of time. Whether or not I appreciate all of their styles, I’m sure there is a lot […]