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Trying to something new here to stay engaged. A few links that may interest photographers. A series of videos about Robert Adams from Art21. I’ve never heard of them, but they produce films about contemporary art, primarily for PBS. A photo essay on fracking. Take a look at photo #15: a powerful image – the […]

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This is Photokina season, a bi-annual event based in Germany that is centered on photography gear. Virtually every camera and lens maker has announced new products, that is, except for Ricoh,  the brand which I like the best. As you may have noticed most of my pictures are taken with the Ricoh GRD (now the […]



A good family weekend, but I was able to take an hour for a forest walk and a few pictures under gloomy winter skies. The full set here.

And thank you.

The hard drive on my MacBook Pro has been filling up to the point where it was impacting performance, not to mention running out of room for new pictures. I’ve been considering the options: move photog files to an external drive or switch out the internal drive to a larger one. The external drive would […]

Evening Walk




If you try and preorder a new iPhone 4 today here is what you will experience thanks to AT&T’s robust server structure. From the Apple web site – this is the step where your upgrade is verified by AT&T – it spins endlessly – and I mean endlessly… This is from AT&T’s own web site […]