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A friend of mine has really gotten me into hoppy beers. Not too dark and heavy, instead bright with bite and flavor and a satisfying richness. Here is just one example, indulged in after a morning hike with the family in Tilden, lunch, weeding and grub worm finding with my son, tennis ball time with […]

The hard drive on my MacBook Pro has been filling up to the point where it was impacting performance, not to mention running out of room for new pictures. I’ve been considering the options: move photog files to an external drive or switch out the internal drive to a larger one. The external drive would […]



This is a bottle of Spanish red wine given to me by my folks for Christmas in 2008, and saved for a special occasion. There is something about bottles of wine that are given to us as gifts that makes us want to save them and carefully choose the occasion to open them. I had […]