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Please pardon this long post, but I’ve had a burst of photography thinking. Over the past few weeks and months I’ve been mentally paring down my life to the things that are most important. Mine involves a triptych of sorts – family and friends, work and photography. Family and friends involves many things, such as […]

On Photobooks


I recently went through and pruned my photobook collection (including art books, including a small collection of books on Tibetan Buddhist art from a previous period in my life). It’s not really a photobook collection per say, but I do have a few! I’m keeping most, there are some that I’m setting aside for a […]

What’s currently in rotation… The Art of Photography – Bruce Barnbaum – my current photography “textbook,” just started, but once again reminded that you have to have enthusiasm for your subject matter, and also that photography is, for some, an activity that makes the world, the cold, the hunger all disappear and we are completely […]