Point Reyes


Our favorite place in the world is Point Reyes. A day there can cure almost anything and restore balance to the universe. But first, one must persuade folks to eat and be happy. That takes work.

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Then one might take a hike. Pierce Point, the top of Point Reyes. Start with the ranch, where you had to be pretty tough to endure the wind and cold all year (started 1857).



And deal with anti-photograph and anti-hiking family.

_IMG0175_800px   _IMG0177_800px

And they might get into it eventually, and look for birds or badgers.



And allow us to hike into beautiful places.

_IMG0195_800px   _IMG0204_800px




Smirk at all possible moments.


Because, you know, this is so ordinary.

_IMG0233_800px   _R004355_800px

But in fact, there are interesting things.

_R004380_800px   _R004373_800px

And nothing gets by the pink dress. And everyone must stay in their lane.


I mean really, who would complain.


Maybe mom at all the complaining.


Ah, the turnaround point.


Picture first!


They made it back. Followed by miles of bumpy roads followed by delicious burgers, including water buffalo burgers and water buffalo gelato (and beer and wine). Life is tough for this new generation.

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