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Point Reyes


Our favorite place in the world is Point Reyes. A day there can cure almost anything and restore balance to the universe. But first, one must persuade folks to eat and be happy. That takes work.   Then one might take a hike. Pierce Point, the top of Point Reyes. Start with the ranch, where […]

Front Yard


The landscaping in our front yard has not done well. A combination of poor plant choices by previous owners, irrigation that seems to have faltered and the drought. We had some shrubs/trees taken out that left the yard feeling naked. All a work in progress. But thanks to our kids the front yard has some […]

The other night I had an opportunity to take my first dusk-time photo walk in Tilden Park in a very long while. I grabbed a quick bite while the light softened and then headed up.  The frustrating thing is that the major sewer project is still ongoing and I had to park further away from […]

Dark Time


Seems the only time there is for photographs is night time, and only on rare occassions. Might as well take what you can get.