Last night I took the bold and rather dramatic step of deleting all but one of my Flickr photos. In fact, you might call that a crazy step. But the thought of doing it has been periodically bubbling up. I guess there are several reasons for it, but primarily I feel that I need a fresh start, and that the collection, although an interesting archive of history, was stale. Random… inconsistent… mediocre at best in many cases.


The action cannot be undone. But I will be rebuilding my Flickr feed over time – just more methodically. I’m also rethinking how to use Flickr. While I have my own blog here, and it is so far the best way to collect pictures and words into narratives, it has about zero viewers. Flickr is a large mass of people, a social place. While I don’t like recent design moves by Flickr, it is still the only real game in town for a community of photographers and artists. Every day I discover something new there that is interesting or inspiring or thoughtful. And I’d like to find a way to better share the conversation.
The usual complaint applies… so little time for photography. But it’s my thing and I’ll keep working to find a way to make it fit into my life and work for my interests.

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