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At work I was talking with a friend about one of my photographs hanging in my office, one of the few that I have ever printed. It is an older print from the Ground series, actually one of the photographs that inspired the series. We are both designers and he is also a part-time photographer […]

I have a fascination with California’s Central Valley. It is the large area in the middle of the state that produces much of the nation’s produce, almost 10% of America’s agricultural output. It stretches around 50 miles wide and 450 miles north to south, covering approximately 22,500 square miles. Any natural rainfall that is allowed […]



Following on my previous post, I’ve been pairing my stuff down to only that which is required or provides pleasure. I keep lists of notes or tasks or things to do in Field Notes notebooks or on blank 3×5 cards, and it occurred to me one day that the number of tasks relates almost directly […]

Please pardon this long post, but I’ve had a burst of photography thinking. Over the past few weeks and months I’ve been mentally paring down my life to the things that are most important. Mine involves a triptych of sorts – family and friends, work and photography. Family and friends involves many things, such as […]