Catching Up


Here I am. A friend of mine asked last night, as others have, “how’s the photography going?” Fact is, it’s not going at all. Family snaps and that’s about it. Positively no time for ambitions beyond that.

It’s that time of year when the lights stay on just a little bit later, and the other night I snuck up to Tilden Park for about 20 minutes. It felt as if I’d been away for years in some far flung place, then returned to sounds and smells and visions that immediately brought me back home. Particularly the bird sounds.  I’ve really missed it. It reminded me of how detached we are from our own natural environment. Really unaware of our own existence, too busy to realize what’s going on. The Buddha in me would just say to be present in that business. To simply accept it, to let it flow around me. But then I take a walk and hear the birds, and the creek and the rustling of the trees, and I can’t help but wonder if there is a way to experience more of that and to be more aware of what’s so fleeting.

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