Spirits up. All I want to do is take a v e r y l o n g hike in January weather. Cold, quiet, exposed to the elements. See things, hear things, experience thoughts as they come without influence, experience raw output outside of today’s digital times. It feels like it’s time to be challenged.

January Happy 011113

Oddly, I feel like taking fewer photographs this year, but I want to be more focused and thoughtful about the ones I do take. The complementary goal is to be more present when the purpose of being out is not necessarily to take pictures. I also want to experiment with different ways to process images. At times it feels like I’ve been trapped in a certain style and I want to push the boundaries and try new things. I have been working with different tonings, working primarily with a slight sepia toning to the forest images. I don’t know yet. in any case, B&W in some form feels right most of the time. I also feel that I should try new subject matters, but dammit I just can’t help myself. This is what I see and I want to keep pushing it forward, to see where it goes, to see what comes out of it. Patience. Finally, I’m also going to just do it – create a few “books” for my own consumption. Print is so much nicer than digital presentation.

I hope everyone out there is off to a grand start this year. 2013 feels right in many ways.

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