Links of Note


Trying to something new here to stay engaged. A few links that may interest photographers.

A series of videos about Robert Adams from Art21. I’ve never heard of them, but they produce films about contemporary art, primarily for PBS.

A photo essay on fracking. Take a look at photo #15: a powerful image – the engaged, local activist who’s community is perhaps impacted by fracking, and the remote, disengaged lobbyists who represent the oil & gas industry from elsewhere. To me this image represents so much more than just the issue at hand.

A post about turning pro six months in. I have no desire to be a “pro” photographer reliant on pleasing clients; I already do that in my day job. But it is very interesting to read about a passionate hobbyist who decided to make photography his career. The interesting comment to me was about the long days, but most of the time it did not feel like work. That, and his comment about the global photo community.

And I really like this picture. I have a print of his that is stunning. Most of his work does not interest me all that much, but every now and then a real gem stands out. I’m sure that’s how it goes with all photography, though.

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