Rain and Desperation


This past winter we did not have our normal winter rains and cold. Instead, warm and dry. But then spring approached and the rains finally came. And they came and came and they are still here with us, deeply drenching everything. Tonight, even thunder, a rarity around here.

It may be a combination of the long drought followed by a sudden and ongoing drenching, but every piece of foliage in sight seems to be blooming in full glory, richer than in years past. They say that challenged grapes make the best wine. The tree below looks so amazing and fantastic that every day I go out and simply admire it. According to our arborist it is a hybrid, and each limb seems to have a different colored flower. There is nothing nicer than a blooming tree.

And for me, as a photographer, when the rains come the cameras come out. But, opportunities to go take pictures and focus on my favorite subjects have not materialized. Deep inside I feel an unquenched desperate drive to go out and take pictures. Like some those parched plants wet with the first rains yet somehow constrained. I must be outdoors and I must take pictures.

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