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An old industrial building that is now a parking lot. I am still uncertain about these pictures but there is something vaguely interesting to me in each one. At any rate it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything industrial.

What Rain


We are on track for the second lowest rainfall in December on record in California, attributed to a mild La Nina. The prediction is for normal rainfall starting around mid-January. If true, with the amount of rain we had last year, a light year this year will not put us back into drought. Everyday the […]



A good family weekend, but I was able to take an hour for a forest walk and a few pictures under gloomy winter skies. The full set here.



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Captured on my morning run. When I go out for exercise, being who I am and having to consolidate free time activities, I take a camera along. This morning I made the mistake of going a little further and taking a trail in Tilden Park. Put trail + Tilden Park together and, well, time has […]