This past weekend I finally had a chance to take my first slow photo walk and first Tilden Park walk in a long time. I spent two hours walking the Jewel Lake Loop, keeping my eyes and ears open. Because of the intense (and ongoing) rain this year everything was thick and lush, ripe with color and texture, almost strangling the path. After moving to a quieter street last year I have become more attuned to the sounds of local birds, and I’m beginning to recognize them. I don’t know what they are yet, but their sounds are becoming familiar and comfortable. They were busy chirping as I walked the Loop.

It was an intense and rewarding experience. Good to be out on my feet in the woods taking pictures.

There are a lot more pictures here, in no particular order.

I don’t know where my photography is going, but it seems to be changing. I find myself more interested in capturing, rather documenting our lives and the people involved. It may simply be circumstances, I don’t know the cause. At the same time I am more interested in framing with viewfinders. I’ve attached the EVF to my Ricoh GXRs and I really enjoying shooting with the Ikon and its bright, open viewfinder. Photography is of course about seeing, but at the moment you press the shutter it is about framing. Using VFs makes me feel more connected to the experience.

I am still deeply interested in photographing the natural world and more urban areas like West Berkeley. But I feel that for me to progress in those interests requires the time and commitment that everyday life can’t provide right now. I’m not giving up on those, just putting them on the shelf. When opportunities present themselves I’ll take them, but I’m trying to let go of the tension to forcing them. I accept that for where I am in my life photography will largely remain an interest, a passion, but not a full-time pursuit.

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  1. 1 Dad

    Beautiful photography!

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