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Took a walk at lunch today because the weather was nice and I have been holed up in my dark office all week working on a redesign of our company’s web site. Too much analysis and pixel concentration. I still don’t quite get along with the 3:2 format, but I’m trying. And the Sigmas are […]



I wish that I had more to show or more to say. I wonder where people find the time. But here is some catching up to do. First, a recent set from a much needed walk in the woods of Tilden Park. After deep conversations and multiple kids activities I just needed a quiet, thoughtful, […]

April Travels


The usual airplane, taxi, hotel, car, conference room, car, hotel, car, airplane…

Warm Weather


Overnight we’ve gone from weeks and weeks and weeks of cold rain and clouds to clear skies and high temperatures. Had a date night last night and we decided to walk to dinner. Quite a ways but it was invigorating and enjoyable. The walk, tapas, drinks, pleasant companionship… all around a great evening.