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Nothing particularly exciting about this picture except what says about what I must like to shoot. Recently, I had to venture forth into San Francisco to order more flatware to fill in pieces that have been lost over the years (it’s not the same when it is no longer a wedding gift and you have to […]



West Berkeley


The Berkeley city council recently took the bold move, for a city council, of relaxing some of the restrictions on development in West Berkeley. The area is in need of a refresh to bring in new business and deal with lots of available real estate. As usual with such things, it is controversial, but from […]

I recently returned from a fantastic conference (IxD11) in Boulder, Colorado, a place I have not been to for many years but remember fondly. Back in my college days I worked at a summer camp outside of Estes Park, CO called Camp Cheley. The mountains in and around Rocky Mountain National Park are a sort […]

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