While in a dreamy state of mind I recently purchased myself a new pair of hiking boots. Now, I do a lot of walking but not a lot of hiking. By hiking I mean a grab your backpack, grab some water and snacks and head out for the territory ahead, preferably in a vertical direction and even better if it is above 9000 feet.

I am beginning to realize, as my body and mind seem to be getting antsier and antsier, that adventures are in order. My kids like to walk (what they think is a hike), but they have not really been on a full-on hike yet. My daughter is too big (and antsy) for a backpack and to slow to get very far on her own two feet. My son does much better, but gets distracted by bugs and mushrooms and things. Those are my current limitations. But as they get older they will have no choice but to join dad (and presumably mom) on lengthy vertical adventures.

In the meantime I’m dreaming about hikes and mountains and countryside. Soon I’ll be heading to Boulder, CO for a design conference. I am very much looking forward to it; on Friday afternoon I’m signed up for a hike – Friday afternoons “sessions” are not specifically related to the business of design. But in another sense it will be difficult because I have a lot of work to do (learn, network, try to hire people) and Rocky Mountain National Park is very, very close. Those are mountains I know well and love, and I have not been back to them since something around 20 years ago. Those mountains have broken in plenty of my hiking boots.

I’m breaking in my boots and dreaming…

2 Responses to “Boots”

  1. 1 melissa

    New boots!
    Just wanted to say hi and let you know that I am still keeping up with you. I love the red tights/shoes, by the way.

    How fun to be able to go to Colorado this weekend. I hope you make it there with the winter storm brewing.

    Tell Rebecca hello for me…..and keep on shooting!


    • Hey Melissa! How are you? I don’t go to CO until later next week and hopefully weather will be fine. I miss seeing your pictures on Flickr.

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