Delete / Impermanence


The hard drive on my MacBook Pro has been filling up to the point where it was impacting performance, not to mention running out of room for new pictures. I’ve been considering the options: move photog files to an external drive or switch out the internal drive to a larger one.

The external drive would be inconvenient because it would have to be attached most of the time and because cloning apps only clone single drives (though Time Machine will back up drives attached to the MBP). But that option would also allow me to bring on board my older (and currently archived) photog files and Aperture library.

It is inexpensive and easy to switch out the internal drive for something larger. This is the best option right now.

In the meantime I have been tediously deleting pictures that I have no interest in keeping. Crappy pictures, dumb pictures, and duplicates of the same shot (that latter category applies to pictures of my kids where for whatever reason at some point in time it seemed like a good idea to have 25 pictures of my daughter stuffing her face with spaghetti when she was younger – things like that).

I made a rough pass at the Pictures folder on the drive and I’m currently walking through my Lightroom library, all 25,000 pictures! Jeez, what was I thinking when I took some of those pictures??? There are groups of pictures that I’m bypassing because they need more focus to edit down, and the whole catalog will need a second, finer pass at some point. I also plan to pull out favorites and set them aside (and print some of them) sort of like you would put them in photo albums back in the day.

And let me offer this piece of advice: prune as you go. Take the time to edit down recent pictures to only those that have value to you. Otherwise you end up with tens of thousands of pictures and a full hard drive!

One other thing I plan to do now is be more selective when I take the pictures! In other words, edit before pressing the shutter button.

All of this along with our recent efforts to finally whip our house into shape and deal with all kinds of shit that never got dealt with in the move have led me to realize just how much is temporary and impermanent in life. What was a big deal to you then may be meaningless now. What you thought you could not live without is now cheerfully thrown out. But not everything; as time goes on some things do stick and some things cycle back. For another post…

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