TIWIS Instant Film


Today, the wife and I split up birthday parties. My son had two in a row, and while she took the first one I took care of chores. But she also encouraged me to “go take pictures” as I seem to be giving off the vibe that “I need a break.” I felt fine, although I had some insomnia last night, caused by the every now and then big worries we all face in life, and perhaps I did need some space out time.

Under that encouragement I took my Polaroid Big Swinger out for a swing and went through just over two rolls of Fuji pack film. The camera is unpredictable, and as I always seem to have to relearn, it needs good light. I ended up with a few pictures of black coal in a coal mine, but otherwise a few turned out pleasingly. Pardon my imperfect pictures of pictures.

The park was abustle today since the weather was practically summer-like. I also learned today that La Nina years can often start with an onslaught of intense storms early in winter, which we’ve had, followed by a long dry spell, which we appear to be in now, and ending with another batch of intense storms come February and March. Bring it on!

I’m also beginning to get curious about find a NOS Polaroid 600 camera and trying out some of the Impossible Project film. I read an article about how temperature during development can effect the outcome in interesting ways. I’m not sure I ever want to go back to negative film, but instant film continues to be fun and interesting for me.

I owe a great debt of gratitude to my lovely wife for allowing me the time pursue this hobby. As she likes to say, we are “in the thick of it” right now with young kids, and a few free moments to oneself, or just the two of us together for an evening out, is a great luxury. I very much appreciate it.

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