The Architecture of Trees


So nice this time of year. Although winter seems to have taken a hiatus – sun and warmth. Where the hell is my winter? My rain, my cold.

I need a hike this weekend. Outdoors, physical exercise, the physical world. Plants, trees, dirt, rocks.

I’m recalling several comments from a recent photography book I read, by a photographer/writer named Bill Jay. He’s now dead, but in the past he led photography workshops. He claimed that in each workshop was some doctor or lawyer or software designer who stated that “when they retire they’ll pursue photography more full time and master it then,” and eventually these people died at an early age and never did what they really wanted to do. Obviously, Bill Jay’s advice was to pursue your passions now, while you are young and healthy and have the time to master it. If only it were that simple. Most of us accept our current obligations and, yes, we expect that at 65 we’ll be able to have the eyesight and physical dexterity to go out daily and begin to truly master the craft of photography. In the meantime we take snapshots.

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