Tilden Park Layers and Colors


For a long time I’ve tried to capture the dense layers and colors of the plant material along Tilden Park’s Jewel lake Loop in winter with a camera. Of course, it’s there all year long, but in winter, along with the rains, the colors come to life and the wetness adds richness and saturation. I see these layers as I walk the path, but I have been unable to capture them through the lens. But I believe that I may have finally captured the detail and nuance with the right camera and lens combination. I hope that you can see a little of what I see when I walk this trail in the cold, wet winter months. In order of the walk…

It took me a long time to edit down this set (partly for the usual lack of time) and discover what the theme of it was. Many photographers go out and shoot with purpose, a project in mind. For me, part of the joy of discovery in photography (or any creative endeavor) is to come back from a photo walk and see what I saw, see what themes come through in the pictures. Patterns, textures, shapes, colors, materials, artifacts. I do have projects in mind, but I’m also open to allowing a theme to come into its own. I have a lot more pictures from this photo walk, and no doubt a few will appear in future posts. I can’t wait.

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