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While in a dreamy state of mind I recently purchased myself a new pair of hiking boots. Now, I do a lot of walking but not a lot of hiking. By hiking I mean a grab your backpack, grab some water and snacks and head out for the territory ahead, preferably in a vertical direction […]

She is rather opinionated and chooses to pick out her own clothes most days. Pink and red rule the day. This was a weekend full of parties and she dressed for the occasions. I like the B&W, but the subject can only truly be appreciated in full color.

The hard drive on my MacBook Pro has been filling up to the point where it was impacting performance, not to mention running out of room for new pictures. I’ve been considering the options: move photog files to an external drive or switch out the internal drive to a larger one. The external drive would […]

February will be the quiet month because January is not…

Today, the wife and I split up birthday parties. My son had two in a row, and while she took the first one I took care of chores. But she also encouraged me to “go take pictures” as I seem to be giving off the vibe that “I need a break.” I felt fine, although […]

Wide B&W


Taking a rented wide angle zoom for a walk through the Loop. At times I’ve wanted to have a wider perspective.

January Bud


  Warm weather today. Also saw some cherry blossoms. In January! And walked the Jewel Lake Loop today. Almost dried out. In January!