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Thankful For


  Having such a great family all around Walks in the outdoors     My dad’s quick recovery A patient and loving dog who puts up with a lot     Our wonderful new home after a two year search A good job that is always challenging and educational (if stressful at times)     […]

Wine – check Materials to make centerpiece – check Camera – check Another a-ha moment this morning. I stopped by Indian Rock for a few momentsĀ on the way into work. Cold, no gloves, walking around taking pictures. Bliss. Operating in the zone, nothing else mattered. Immune to any sense of chill. Not only do I […]

Two Succulents


One is from the iPhone 4 via Hipstamatic and one is from my new weatherproof Olympus E5 DSLR and ever lovely 14-35mm lens. Both are great fun.



Walking off some energy after the flight home.

Open Seasons


Long dry spell. Illness and recovery. Dog surgery and recovery. Work, lots of work. Busy life. Who has time for free time? For the past few months I have been very disconnected from photography. Mostly for lack of time, but also for lack of success in capturing anything worthwhile or even finding anything interesting to […]