Walking To Tilden Park


Lately, the wife and I have been trading walking nights after the kids are to bed, and I recently discovered that I now live close enough to be able to walk to Tilden Park. I can’t quite make my favorite Jewel Lake loop, but close.

I have to walk quickly because it’s getting dark earlier now, but the exercise is invigorating and being able to take a walk on trails is wonderful. And last night the fog was rolling in and the wind kicked up almost giving it the feel of a true alpine hike. It reminded me of living in Santa Fe and going trail running in the mountains after work. These are moments when you feel blissfully present, happy and alive.

At the end is a treat – the wild blackberries are coming perfectly ripe. I nearly sacrificed a jacket in an effort to harvest a pocketful for breakfast. Blackberry bushes don’t make it easy.

Ain’t life grand!

Camera Note: I took the wonderful Ricoh GRD3 with me. I have not used it in a while, but what an awesome little camera! Yesterday, I took some beautiful color hydrangea pictures and in this Tilden series (more to come soon)  it’s high ISO grainy character really plays well. Shooting with it is effortless and of course it’s so easy to carry in hand or pocket. Go Ricoh!

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