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Evening Walk


As a budding photographer, Harry Callahan sent himself on several photography sabbaticals for extended practice. Over time he was able to go from someone who worked and did photography on the side to someone who did photography and, well, I suppose worked on the side. Interesting idea…

I have decided to work on my photography self education. Displayed here is a stack of recently arrived, well used photobooks. These are not recent modern works, they are classics, pictures from photographers who have stood the test of time. Whether or not I appreciate all of their styles, I’m sure there is a lot […]

More pictures from the recent Tilden walk.

Lately, the wife and I have been trading walking nights after the kids are to bed, and I recently discovered that I now live close enough to be able to walk to Tilden Park. I can’t quite make my favorite Jewel Lake loop, but close. I have to walk quickly because it’s getting dark earlier […]



Can’t let the season go by without some hydrangeas!



In this post I’d like to mention a few of the artistic influences that I draw inspiration from. The first two are appropriately called walking artists and they do indeed walk all over the world. They use photography as a medium to communicate their art in conceptual form, not strictly as the art itself. The […]