I have been very busy. The big change has been a move to a larger house. It has happened so fast that I have not had a chance to transition from the old house. The other night I went back to the old house to pick up a few things and it was my first time to really soak in the place, empty, without us. I felt sad. I realized I have not said goodbye yet, to this point in our lives, and I also do not feel at home yet in the new house. What is that region between life and death? The netherworld? Hades?

I then discovered that what I later learned was our neighbor had slaughtered our backyard tree. I broke down, realizing that without a family a house is nothing but milk on a shelf waiting to be purchased and consumed.

But the frank truth is that our old home needs a family with fresh energy to give it a healthy dose of TLC, its own new take on life, good for another 100 years. That’s our plan for our new house.

This is a hydrangea that we planted and now I will not know. We are also leaving behind just ripening blueberry bushes, a persimmon tree that only once produced fruit, a few years after we planted it. And our vegetable box, that just gave us artichokes, that our kids helped plant. I’ll not miss the oxalis.

I was looking to the future, but the past came up behind me and was not done yet.

2 Responses to “Change”

  1. 1 melissa

    wow you sure have had a lot going all…..deep breathes….and this is very poignant. Absolutely love the photo, and your thoughts that go with it are wonderfully written. That last line is stunning. You may be a writer & photographer. May I steal it??? Or atleast hang on to it for a while?

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