The Journey


I was reminded several times today that I should slow down and many things in life, including photography, are about the journey, not a destination. My recent posts bordered on self pity, a quality I do not appreciate. Time to move on.

The whole journey/destination topic made me think – is there even a destination at all in photography, or in any creative endeavor? Of course not! That’s a silly notion. The whole point of a creative life is to keep moving on. Everything is about the journey, nothing is about a destination. There is a never a point where one says, “ok, now I’m here.” And if you do, well then , have a cup of tea, and get back on the road!

So, I realized that I was stressing out about seemingly trying to get somewhere when in fact I’m already there, because in photography the journey is the destination.

I love photography and that is why I do it. I love it for many reasons. I’ll keep doing it – and enjoying it – and as time goes on I’ll get better at it and my creative vision will become clearer. There is nothing to work towards except to simply keep working.

To that end, the above pictures are from a quick lunch run. I happened to have a camera with me when I got stuck at a railroad crossing. There was no actual train, they were just rebuilding some track and one of their vehicles triggered the train crossing gates to close. They eventually moved their damn vehicle after someone realized what was going on. And I took some pictures.

Which reminds me. The picture below is one I took a long time ago at this same spot early one morning. Perhaps in our photographic journeys we never really go anywhere we just see things differently…

2 Responses to “The Journey”

  1. 1 melissa

    well….no email necessary….you have made your adjustment, and it’ a good one.
    love this post….and the photos new and old….what a comparison of your view of life.
    happy friday to you.
    thanks for making me smile today.
    hug your kids
    cherish your wife.
    cheers to you.

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