Here are the Mamiya 7ii pictures from Monday’s Tilden Park photowalk, or a selection thereof, and one or two cropped to externalize Andrew’s shitty framing and lack of camera know-how. I don’t know where this leaves me. I suppose I’ll keep the camera and try under various circumstances to work through learning it. Sadly, trial and error with film is expensive, but in fact it has a look and feel that digital simply cannot duplicate. They are different, just as planes and trains are different, though both serve essentially the same basic purpose. I only wish I had the time to get a real photography education, self-taught through trial, error, try again, workshops, shared knowledge, and lots and lots of disciplined practice. When the kids are older and my eyes have gone bad I’ll get there (are these words blurring right now…?).

In the meantime work seems to have become interesting again and I’ve made peace with it. The family, when healthy, is also in the positive realm of the spectrum, which means the kids stress me out only a little, or perhaps I’m just adapting and more accepting of things as they are.

4 Responses to “Ambivalence”

  1. i like these, the details are excellent

  2. 3 melissa

    I have been thinking a lot about you these days. I will email you.
    find strength in your struggles….
    be still

    some of my favorite words….

    for you

    • Thanks Melissa. I was just reminded this morning by a commentary on the radio that the journey is more interesting than the destination. It’s where all the fun is.

      I should remember there is nowhere I’m trying to go, that there is no “destination” to work toward in photography. It’s all just going, and going and going. Enjoy the ride.

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