Lunch spot closed, so why not practice photography instead.

I once read a book about a classical guitarist who dealt with the issue of practice. To get really good at something you have to practice every single day and to be a master you have to make a life of it. Mundane as it might be, practice is the only real way forward, and once you get there the only way to stay there.

I try to practice photography every day in some form, whether taking pictures, processing pictures, looking at photography books or reading photography blogs (or even preparing my own blog posts), discussing photography, or often just paying attention as I go about my day, looking for little vignettes that might catch my eye.

That last item in the list is important and doesn’t require a camera at all. One thing I’ve realized is that so much of learning photography is about practicing seeing and developing our own vision of what we see. Funny thing is, though, it never feels like practice. But even though it feels more like a process of learning and discovery than practice, it is the practice – daily practice, methodical practice, disciplined practice –  that keeps it all moving forward towards greater clarity and mastery.

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