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The Journey


I was reminded several times today that I should slow down and many things in life, including photography, are about the journey, not a destination. My recent posts bordered on self pity, a quality I do not appreciate. Time to move on. The whole journey/destination topic made me think – is there even a destination […]



Here are the Mamiya 7ii pictures from Monday’s Tilden Park photowalk, or a selection thereof, and one or two cropped to externalize Andrew’s shitty framing and lack of camera know-how. I don’t know where this leaves me. I suppose I’ll keep the camera and try under various circumstances to work through learning it. Sadly, trial […]



I’m frustrated. I feel like my photography sucks. It’s no good. There’s no point. Why bother. I don’t know if I suck, if I’m not looking carefully enough or paying close enough attention or concentrating deeply enough, or I’m in too big a hurry simply because I had a few free moments to go take […]

Today is the opening day of the 2010 Winter Olympics. One way to watch is online with the video player. I’m proud to say that I led the design team for the video player, which was designed and built by the company I work for,┬áVertigo. Most of the video content is in full HD […]