Tonight I went through my entire Lightroom catalog looking for pictures of our dog to print and take down to the vet for their wall of customers. As of 5:23 pm I had 16,641 pictures in Lightroom. That does not count the pictures from a previous computer or the ones not in Lightroom on my current laptop. Phew!

Here’s an archived picture from a Holga pano. It makes me miss film. With film you often got what you got, and it wasn’t always perfect. With digital it’s easy to get a “perfect” shot, but it can take a lot of work to imitate a film feel or create “imperfections,” and even then it never will. As I looked back the film scans really had a depth to them that the digital shots don’t. A sense of real place and time. Hmmm, about that Zeiss Ikon… and the C Sonnar and Tri-X…

Tilden Park Pano

2 Responses to “16,641”

  1. 1 melissa

    phew is right! that’s a lot of photos! Maybe I will go count mine….just out of curiosity. And then wonder what the total would be with all the ones I have dumped making room on the hard drives.

    I, too, love film. Thompson is in Photo 1 this semester and I am looking forward to seeing what he produces. Both girls took photo 1 as well, and Digital Imaging, and Em went all the way to Photo 3 I think. But does she shoot not? no….Photo 1 is all b&w film and learning the darkroom. I so wish I could have that experience. Oh well….someday.

    Hope the rain has stopped for you….we finally have blue sky today!!!

    • We had quite a bit sun yesterday and really enjoyed it. Today, it is cold and cloudy again, and our furnace is out for the second day. All bundled up – inside!

      Glad to hear you are exposing the kids to photography. Some things stick, some don’t. Aiden is showing signs that we should sign him up for an architecture class.

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