More Rain


It rained most of the day today. Because of circumstances my mood fit the weather, and just as the rain did not let up and allow for photographic opportunities the day did not let up on me. Better now, though, after something photography related. These pictures are from yesterday’s more intense storms.

Leaves in a Puddle

Running Water in the Curb


I’ve been shooting a lot of color lately, but I’ve been anxious to return to some black & white work too. Here’s one of the pictures above as a transition piece. In fact, I have a project in mind for color and black & white diptychs.


4 Responses to “More Rain”

  1. 1 melissa

    I am so enjoying your blog…..thinking about you will all the rain Cali is getting. Are you getting a break? We are socked in now too, with rain, haven’t seen the sun in about a wee. really. you’d think we live in your neck of the woods!

    hope you have time to shoot this weekend!

    • Thanks Melissa. Glad someone is enjoying it! Another rainy day today… No complaints as I’m sure that we need the rain. Probably packing up the Sierras with snow for some terrific spring runoff. Everything looks saturated and richly colorful. Mushrooms are sprouting up everywhere and it’s very interesting to see the variety. If you knew what you were doing you could eat very well.

  2. The second photograph is just gorgeous Andrew. Even though the scenery is quite ordinary, it is full of layers and there is so much to see.

    And what do you think of the GXR? I hope to receive another test sample soon for a longer time, but wonder what you think of it in comparison for instance to the DP2.


    • Wouter, Thank you for your kind words. I agree that on careful observation there is often beauty hidden in the ordinary. I guess you could say that is why I take pictures : )

      I’m preparing a blog entry on the GXR and hope to wrap it up soon. To be fair it has issues, primarily in AF performance that can be greatly frustrating in certain circumstances. But most of the time it behaves itself and the pictures speak for themselves. I’m really in love with the GXR after getting to know what it can do. The pictures have beautiful clarity, detail and presence, and the dynamic range is very good. I just had an 8×10 print made of the color version of the grass picture above and it is simply spectacular. The GXR pictures really have to be seen in print to be appreciated.

      I know the GXR won’t please everyone, but that is not Ricoh’s intent.

      The DP2 is also unique and very good. The camera itself is of course plasticky, but the Foveon sensor (and lens) can render great detail and has wide dynamic range. After a long hiatus I’m using it more now. At this point in time I love the GXR and DP2 and like the Olympus E-P2 I also have. On the whole I probably prefer the GXR over the DP2. I’ve had color cast issues with both of my DP cameras, and it can be hard to get accurate color with them. They naturally want to incorporate an HDR-like color presence. Not altogether unpleasing, but difficult to manage when I want to. My This Is What I Saw post from January 23 includes three DP2 images. I had those printed as well and the color issues seems to be even more present in the prints. In that regard the GXR is better.

      So while I’m enjoying the DP2 again ultimately I’m sure I’ll settle in long term with the GXR. Add a fast, wide prime “unit” and I’m set.

      I must apologize for using the same WordPress theme as you. Your blog has always been an inspiration, but in fact I simply really like this particular theme. I hope you don’t mind!

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