Tilden Park


Tilden Park

Tilden Park

Tilden Park

Tilden Park

Lately, I’ve come to realize how much I enjoy Tilden Park, almost with a reverence. More specifically, the Jewel Lake loop.

This time of year it is simply beautiful: dense and colorful, with the fresh scent of rotting wood and mud permeating the cold, crisp air. It is rich with content and photographic material, but so far I have been unable to accurately capture what I see. The depth and complexity of intertwined plant material is not easily captured by a digital sensor.

I recall reading about the work of Ansel Adams, and how he did not become successful until he trained his vision on the simple and avoided complex, busy scenes. For the most part, I entirely agree with this notion. However, I am drawn to the beauty of the Jewel Lake loop foliage and I still would like to capture its complexity in some form. I’ll keep trying, and perhaps the best result is that I simply continue to get out there and walk the loop.

My goal is to do just that as often as possible. This often means a side trip to the Little Farm when I have young travel companions. They revel in seeing a simple sheep or newborn cow or chicken walking through the yard. Today, my 18 month old accompanied me on a cool morning stroll squeezed in before Sunday commitments.

Another reason for today’s walk was to test drive a new camera in a familiar photography “project” context. It is an entirely new system that I have been looking forward to for some time, and only just now became available. I’ll post about it soon. For those of you who will remind me that I just sold a camera in order to simplify, yeah, but…

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