Bye Bye Zeiss Ikon

Zeiss Ikon Self Portrait

Zeiss Ikon Self Portrait

This past weekend I finally decided to sell my beloved Zeiss Ikon 35mm camera along with the ZM Biogon 35/2 lens. It was a hard decision. The camera was a joy to use and I captured some of my favorite imagery with it. I still have two ZM lenses which I use with my Olympus E-P2 via an adapter. The C Sonnar 50mm is beautiful in dark B&W.

I don’t have the time to properly include the Ikon in my photography. And film, great though it is, is expensive and unpredictable. You are relying on someone else to carry through your vision during development and scanning. But perhaps most importantly, I simply need to simplify, get rid of the clutter, and focus my time and energy on the most important things. Our house is small, my time is limited, and I function better without clutter and complication.

The Ikon quickly found a new owner who has obvious talent and a style that makes good use of a rangefinder camera. I will miss it, and I will particularly miss composing through that beautiful viewfinder window to the world. And appreciate the elegant simplicity of aperture, speed and ISO.

Bye Bye Ikon. Take good pictures.

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