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A creek in Tilden Park after a week of big rains. Something in the water is causing those bubbles…



Tonight I went through my entire Lightroom catalog looking for pictures of our dog to print and take down to the vet for their wall of customers. As of 5:23 pm I had 16,641 pictures in Lightroom. That does not count the pictures from a previous computer or the ones not in Lightroom on my […]

A few color pictures from a recent photo walk in Tilden Walk. I promise to show something different soon.

Recently, I decided to give Kodak Gallery and Adorama a try for prints. My own photo printer has been out of commission for months with an aging to-do note to bring it back into service. In the meantime, ordering small prints online is cheap and easy. I ordered a collection of prints from recent This […]



Over the past several days it has become clear to me that there is a distinction between gearheads and photographers, even though both may use a camera.